Born and raised in Dakar under the name of Alassane Insa Babylas Ndiaye, Babylas started his cultural journey in 1998 beside of his friend and associate late Dj Makhtar. Since their entertainment company Dj Makhtar Productions stopped after his death in 2007, Babylas joined the Afrikakeur Festival as a production manager and started training in music copyrights as well in cultural business management. In 2009 he is part of the founding members of Adafest (Senegal organization of festivals and artistic broadcasters). He is introduced to the crowdfunding environment by the project Africa Unsigned where he was appointed west Africa project manager. Stage manager of Goree Island Diaspora Festival in 2010, he is in the shortlist of the trainees to take part in the 3rd Black World Festival FESMAN as stage manager. It was time for him to launch his own agency Arts & Culture Consulting in 2011 a campaigning agency specialized in cultural business management, stage management solutions, music productions, booking, digital marketing, crowdfunding strategy.