The final deadline for applications is 26 September 2022

Welcome to Concerts SA’s fifth DIGITAL MOBILITY FUND Application System. Please note the deadline is 20:00, Sunday 26 September 2022.

We are proud to launch our fifth Digital Mobility Fund (DMF) for musicians in South Africa. The Concerts SA mobility fund started in 2013 and the Digital Mobility Fund started in 2020 as an active response to the challenges facing the live music scene due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Concerts SA has benefitted over 12 000 artists and many venues, promoters and technical production crews, and we wish you success in your application.

CSA is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Norwegian Embassy, and SAMRO. Concerts SA is administered by IKS Cultural Consulting and supported by Music in Africa as a digital partner.

Each DMF grant will provide up to R30 000 to be used for small scale live music events that will be streamed or recorded for delayed broadcast. All concerts will need to be recorded with a live audience, in accordance with Covid-19 protocols.

The final deadline for applications is 26 September 2022. Concerts need to take place between 15 November and 16 December 2022 or 18 January – 15 February 2023. Streams of these concerts need to take place between 15 November 2022 and 15 February 2023. Applications from artists for their own projects are preferred. Please note that recipients of the March 2022 Digital Mobility Fund will be excluded from this round.

So let’s go, this is what you will need to have and what you need to do before you apply:

Checklist of what you need before you apply:

  • Applicant’s ID number
  • Letter of support from concert venue confirming that you can perform there
  • The anticipated date for your concert falling between 15 November and 16 December 2022, or between 18 January and 15 February 2023.
  • A complete artist or band profile on Music in Africa (this profile allows music professionals to add a concise professional bio, pictures, videos and music) Be thorough in your descriptions here, as our adjudication process is reliant on complete information here.
  • Create an outline for your streamed live music event with times, people and budget.
  • Any documents uploaded need to be in PDF or image format (PNG or JPG).


If we have a call for proposals open, please apply. If we do not have one open, you will need to wait until the next opportunity to apply – we do not fund between our official calls. Please follow our social media channels and sign up to our newsletter to be notified of any future calls for proposals. Sign up by clicking here.

We do not own any venues, but we do work with various venues across South Africa. Our promoters can be reached here: link to promoters page.

Our main focus area is regular concerts in music venues across South Africa, and one-off events are generally not supported. We encourage you to apply if we have a call open, but please read our guidelines carefully.

We don’t do sponsorships, we only work within our grant periods and you will need to apply for support in those times.

There are many possible reasons:

  1. You may not have attached your music or taken effort with your answers on the application, and this leaves the adjudicators with very little information to make a decision (your Music in Africa profile is an excellent space to give the adjudicators a real sense of who you are).
  2. You may not have completed all the mandated requirements of the online application.
  3. Your budget may have been either excessive or lacked supporting documents that we require.
  4. Your application may have fallen outside of what the subsidy is intended for.
  5. You may have been funded in the previous round.
  6. Although your application was great we may not have had sufficient funds for all the amazing projects which come our way.
  1. Improve your profile and online presence.
  2. Attach sound quotations and a realistic budget.
  3. Find additional partners (financial and non financial) to support your project.
  4. Read the requirements very carefully and make sure your project is in line with the call.

Follow us on social media and/or sign up to our newsletter for the next funding round. Sign up by clicking here.