Hamburg Music Business Market Entry Program South Africa:

in Partnership with IKS Cultural Consulting

Hamburg Music Business Market Entry Program South Africa

IKS Cultural Consulting provides international delegations with the opportunity to engage with active professionals in the arts & culture sector in South Africa. The project’s objective was to explore the market opportunities and viability of small to medium music business trade between Germany and South Africa over a five-day period (5-9 February 2024) by eleven German delegates, sponsored by the Bundeministerium fur Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz.

From 5-9 February 2024 IKS partnered with the Hamburg Music Business (HMB) Market Entry Program to ensure that their 11 music industry delegates had the opportunity to present themselves and meet with the right people in South Africa.

IKS worked intimately with HMB in planning, coordinating and activating the various events, including a panel discussion, company visits and matchmaking one-on-one sessions with leaders in the South African sector. The delegation was hosted by IKS in Johannesburg from 5 – 7 February, and by WESGRO from 8 to 9 February in Cape Town.


The HMB Market Entry programme started with a briefing on the economic, legal, and political situation within South Africa by the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAGCC) and Jenny Tala from German Trade and Invest (GTAI) and Business Opportunities for German Companies by Alexa Gerrard from AHK Southern Africa.

Followed by a round table discussion with representatives from major trade bodies and copyright collection societies in South Africa including RISA, SAMPRA, AIRCOSA, CAPASSO Hub, SAMRO, IMPRA, IMEXSA, MPASA and IKS Cultural Consulting.

Company Visits

The delegation spent the afternoon touring the City’s Music Studios, Theatres and Venues including Flame Studios, DownTown Music Hub, Niki’s Oasis, The Market Theatre and AMPD Studios.

Tuesday, 6 February 2024 - Presentations, Networking, and Industry Panel Discussion

The IKS Cultural Consulting and HMB Team hosted ±100 guests from the music industry.   

Andre Le Roux and Timotheus Wiesmann warmly welcomed the guests. Timotheus Wiesmann’s overview of the German music market and the subsequent industry panel discussion were highly informative for all attendees.

Key highlights from the panel discussion included: 
  • Roles in the Local Music Industry:
      • Local music industry teams play multiple roles, including marketers, promoters, and agents.
  • Geographical Challenges for South African Artists:
      • South Africa faces geographical challenges, making touring more difficult.
  • Dynamic Global Relationships:
      • There is openness to engaging with the South African music industry globally, and relationships are dynamic.
  • European Festival Challenges:
      • In Europe, approximately 80 festivals exist, here crossing borders can be costly and challenging.
  • Interest in African and Johannesburg Music Content:
      • Interest in African and Johannesburg music content is increasing.
  • Importance of Collaboration Across Africa:
      • Collaboration across Africa is crucial. Over the past decade, Concerts South African have partnered with 11 African countries, enabling live music performances in 1911 venues and spaces.
  • Increasing Opportunities for South African Artists:
      • Historically, artists were sent to South Africa to tour. Now, interest is growing, and opportunities like festivals, conferences, and market entry programs are where artists should engage.
  • Mobility Funding and Passionate Agents:

Providing each of the nine German delegates the opportunity to share insights about themselves, their businesses, and their visit objectives enabled the guests to identify the best match to their own businesses. 

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Images by Suzy Bernstein 

The networking lunch facilitated further connections and collaborations:
Images by Suzy Bernstein 

Wednesday, 7 February 2024 – One on One Meetings between the German music business delegation and South African music business people

The Goethe-Institute provided a platform for one-on-one meetings between the German Music Delegation and their South African counterparts, fostering potential business opportunities. The efforts of IKS Cultural Consulting in matching the delegation for these sessions based on specific briefs ensured productive interactions and discussions.

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Thursday and Friday 8 - 9 February 2024

Wesgro’s support provided valuable insights and resources for the German delegation as they further explored opportunities in the vibrant music scene of Cape Town.

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It is valuable to note the key learnings from the event:

    1. The need for increased engagement among South African music industry bodies highlights the importance of fostering collaboration and communication within the local industry.
    1. The enthusiasm of South African music industry stakeholders, including promoters, artists, and venues, in engaging with both local and international music businesses underscore the potential for cross-border collaborations and partnerships.
    1. Tailoring discussions based on a thorough understanding of the delegations’ businesses facilitated productive one-on-one interactions, benefiting both the local and German delegations by maximizing the exchange of knowledge and opportunities.

Thank you!  A heartfelt thanks to all the stakeholders involved in the Hamburg Music Market Entry is essential – Your enthusiastic participation contributed to the success of the events, fostering meaningful collaborations and opportunities within the music industry.

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